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X5R Color Grading Tests

Jun 24, 2013
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Here's some raw comparison clips testing the dynamic range and post production potential of the X5R. My workflow included: DJI Cinelight -> SlimRaw(Lossy) ->After Effects CC (Adobe CameraRAW) image adjustments-> Import into Premiere and final touches with Lumetri.

The resulting youtube clip is exported h.264 at 200mbps. Watch in 4K!

Looks good!

The un-graded looks smooth, and then it gets choppy for me once the grading comes in. Do you have enough ram to support the exported settings, or is that youtube processing?
I believe its youtube processing as well as the fact that my framerate was off when I exported from cinelight. I shot it 30p but you have to manually select the framerate on export, which is a real pain. Also this is the first time I've exported h.264 at 200mbps so that could also be a factor. I'm doing more tests to see what is the best for online viewing.
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That's a whole lot of magenta. I as because I'm wondering if you feel that the X5R sensor has a bias towards magenta?

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