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X5 DOWN! Gimbal repair?! Only slightly bump!! Camara is untouched!

Nov 8, 2015
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I just updated my inspire to the latest firmware for my X5 and took it out to the park for a spin. I crashed it. Completely my fault. I touched some branches on a tree about 4 foot off the ground, my inspire flipped and landed on the soft grass perfectly upside down. It still flies fine!! The camera and gimbal weren't even touched, but just the shake of it, shook the top motor loose on the x5 gimbal.

Does anyone have any solutions or advice? I keep hearing that DJI customer service is horrible and that they don't care if you live or die. I've read about some people who were quoted over 2000 euro for a repair, and then DJI adjusted the price down to a few hundred!! I suppose they know completely that they have you over a barrel.

Any advice is much appreciated. It's been a horrible day.
I just had a RC USB port go bad on my airframe. I was polite when I called, told them everything I had done to try to fix the problem and requested a RMA. Without a bit of argument they sent me a free shipping label, and in 3 weeks I received a brand new RC. Zero cost to me in shipping, or repair. (It was out of warranty for a month) They let me know when they received it, what they were doing, and when it left the shop. I could not be more pleased with the service I received. Now this is the America side so maybe our support departments are different.
Wow! That's impressive!! I can only hope for the same treatment! It would be most reassuring. I'm eager to see how they'll be.
I just experienced a similar crash myself. Mine landed upside down from about 15'. Gimbal snapped off at the yaw motor. Requested an RMA and will be sending it out soon. None of the DJI Service Centers have access to the parts needed to repair it. Its all up to the DJI America location. Good news is the airframe is fine. Swapped one prop out and thoroughly examined what I could followed by a perfect test flight. I honestly expected aircraft damage. I just hope theres no delayed effects from the crash that's going to damage another gimbal once I get it back on, fingers crossed
I wish they made that yaw motor housing a little thicker. There is very little material in there, and the motor ribbon cable runs up through one side of it. Its actually barely held together.
I can almost buy into the benefits of its lightweight construction, although whats a little extra weight going to hurt besides losing a minutes worth of flight time. But I just don't understand why they're not releasing the parts needed for repairs. I can only assume it's about $$. My Ribbon was ripped apart a half inch or so from the yaw housing, I was surprised it wasn't ripped from the connection point, maybe it was cut from a broken portion of the housing instead of a direct pull on its connection point. Besides the first week of owning this thing, I never wanted to fly so bad since its crashed lol
I clipped a branch, before the motor obstruction was added. No issue. Actually sliced that branch like butter. Now bird **** will make the i1 flip!
Curious if you guys clipped a branch or ran into the trees?
Fwiw I had a good repair experience with dronenerds in Florida. Not exactly inexpensive but worth a call if you are in a hurry.

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