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D-LOG issues after update

Dec 8, 2015
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So I've noticed an issue with D-LOG footage since the last update. I tried to do a scientific test as possible testing D-LOG, CINELIKE, and NONE.

Using the same settings across the board I noticed what looks like compression problems with D-LOG. All the other modes seem fine.

When shooting in D-LOG things like trees with leaves get very blocky and suffer from pixelation. Trees start to look clumpy and block like. If you switch to another mode trees start to resolve properly again.

Has anyone else noticed this? Would love to hear what you guys are experiencing.
Where has it been "well documented"? I haven't read of people having issues? Is there another forum where more people share info?
Yeah I couldn't find anything specific about people mentioning DLOG turning to **** after the latest FW update either.
If it's any consolation it's across the board with the Phantom 4 DLOG looking like **** as well since the update.
It's a massive difference to what it was and can't recommend anyone shoot in DLOG until it's fixed. Unless you like posterisation.
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It's been there since the V1.4.0.70 update
Super noisy D-Log after v1.4.0.70 update?
Ignoring the fact that that thread was more off the rails than usual and didn't actually address the issue... if that's the case then DJI may be keeping DLOG as it is now since it's only the latest firmware that the Phantom 4 DLOG has become mush.
I'm not sure what FW version did the same to the X3 DLOG.
The other thread mentioned noise being worse and that upping the sharpening would fix it. That's not what I'm seeing.
This is not what DLOG looked like before the last update (Phantom 4) and it's far more work to fix it in post than it used to be.
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D log has always been the worst setting imo. Others have gone into great detail on why that is, and it's not like this forum is full of DaVinci resolve masters. Shoot none or cinelike depending on FW version and you'll be happier you did.
So what works best? Noise in my stills even with light sharpening isn't pretty obvious. It's definitely gotten worse too.

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