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D-Log not properly working since last ipad go app update beware!!!

Jan 11, 2016
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Since IPAD update only of the Go App here is my issue:

Shot for a commercial today. Set the style to d-log and photos to RAW and started to take photos. Clearly i was in d-log for the image feed was washed out as it normally is in both photo and video modes. Flipped back and forth between photo and video constantly over 5 batteries worth of flights. After shooting we had a look only to find that every photo (DNG RAW) were all colored with what looks like normal style....yet the videos were all in flat d-log!

Attached image shows the DNG file of the same waterfall by the gold viens NOT in d-log and the video that was taken right after the photo was shot clearly is in d-log.View attachment 8666

I then hooked up the drone and camera to check settings and it shows under photo the style is set to D-Log. I then click on style and re selected D-log and pop...the video feed went to a washed out look...aka d-log.

1. How come i was properly shooting in d-log for videos only when no settings were changed at all during flights
2. How come when switching back and forth from photo and video the feed looked the same on the job....as in same washed out effect of the d-log which indicates that everything is working properly yet it wasn't
3. How come when i started up the camera to check settings, it states d-log, yet when i clicked on style to select it again then feed updated properly to d-log...what was this phantom d-log originally? Normal mode.

I will do some more testing to see if this is an issue only with the ipad go app and not the android version. Frustrating for we now have to spend more time color correcting to match

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