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Matrice 30 T camera information

Jan 6, 2023
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I am new here. Just bought the Matrice 30 T. I am a videographer/photographer. I know this isn’t a cinematic drone. I also own the Mavic pro 2 for sunny days.

The reason I got this one is the weather proof, safety and wind management. My bread and butter is industrial shooting. Stuff happens in really terrible weather. I live on the west coast it rains even on sunny days and it is mostly always blowing. A good day is 24 km. A bad one is 110 kms… so now i am trying to deal with the camera piece. I have been pestering DJI to do some changes with updates etc. Raw photos would be a huge improvement because the jpeg compression is painful. But I have sorted out opening the images in adobe camera RAW and cleaning them up as best I can. I printed one on my commercial printer and it came out lovely at 8x12. I am guessing it would begin to break up at 16x20 but I haven’t tried it yet. And to be honest the biggest I print is 40x60 and most of those are sunny day photos.

Dji has told me that the camera aperture is best between 5x-16 zoom. Wide angle is not as good at 2.8. Which is totally weird. I am trying to find the 4.5 f stop. This week I shot everything at 5x but it is still claiming 2.8f stop. I am guessing I will need to just put it up and try each one. But I thought I would ask if anyone knows which zoom amounts to 4.5 aperture?

Anyone know if you can shoot a Timelapse with this?

I am trying to sort out programming a flight pattern I can do regular to produce a video of a build over the next two years. As well. Same height, exact path. I have done it with my mavic.

All this is very simply done on Mavic pro 2 but seems more complex with this machine.

I am going for pro training on it at the end of the month to sort out thermal, etc. I got some gigs inspecting. Side hustle stuff. But need the video / photo stuff asap.

Thanks for any help in advance.

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