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matrice 30t camera settings

  1. GsquaredAerials

    Screencast from the RC Plus controller to a tablet or smart TV

    I just saw this guy's video on how to screencast from the remote to a tablet or smart TV or dumb TV with a Roku, Chromcast or Firestick adapter. This could be used in scenarios where you're out in a remote area and need to provide a video feed to an incident team or a client and don't have a...
  2. L

    Matrice 30 T camera information

    I am new here. Just bought the Matrice 30 T. I am a videographer/photographer. I know this isn’t a cinematic drone. I also own the Mavic pro 2 for sunny days. The reason I got this one is the weather proof, safety and wind management. My bread and butter is industrial shooting. Stuff happens...