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Disappointing Matrice 30T quality as well as support

Sep 1, 2023
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On 7 September 2023, I bought a new and sealed Matrice 30T combo from DJI authorised representative in Greece (serial number ending in 28V2)

I activated and started using the drone, only on the ground, without ever being flown, in order to become familiar with its features and camera and in order to take the necessary drone pilot courses, prior to ever flying the drone.

On 10 October 2023, just one month pretty much after I had bought and first activated the drone, and still without the drone ever being flown, as soon as I switched on the drone and RC, I was prompted to perform new firmware update. Consequently I initiated the update procedure, which unfortunately failed to finish properly: somewhere seemingly at the end of the firmware update procedure, a firmware update failure appeared on the RC screen. Consequently I restarted and tried the update again but the firmware update failure persisted. During the next few days I spent quite a few hours online with the DJI Enterprise support staff via chat and email where they tried to help me perform the update but whatever we tried the update continued to fail. Finally, on 18 October 2023 they instructed me to return the set to them for service. Remind that here we have a very recently bought set (7 Sep 23) which had already malfunctioned after only pretty much one month after it was first activated, and without even ever being flown. I complained to DJI that they had to replace the drone as dead on arrival but they refused. I pointed out to them that I was losing business revenue because of this malfunction but they didn’t seem to care. As well, I reminded to them that bundled with the price of the set I had paid dearly for DJI care which was included in the price and that they should at least extend/renew the contract to make up from the time lost from 10 October 2023 up to the date that I would be sent back my (repaired) drone, but they refused as well.

About the repair procedure, be warned that, in my case, the drone was delivered to the authorised DJI representative in Greece, to be shipped to DJI Europe central service, on 19 October 2023. Today it’s 15 November 2023 and the drone has not been delivered back to me yet. It seems that it may be delivered to me by the end of this week, 17 November 2023; meaning that, here we have a multi-thousand EUR value of professional/DJI enterprise equipment (which further includes in the price that I have paid to DJI a very expensive DJI care contract which depreciates day by day, as well as manufacturers guarantee of course), and DJI they seem that they couldn’t care less at least to have some respect to their professional customers, like myself, who apparently cannot afford to have their enterprise drones taken away from them for pretty much a whole month for an apparently very simple service case (simple because that was only a software failure, most probably it didn’t even require any spare parts for the repair). All in all a sub-standard service (taken them a whole month to repair) as well as a sub-standard product (failed only a month after it had been bought without ever being flown, pretty much being unused) by DJI, which seems to be starting to be abusive to their customers, maybe because of their dominant market position. Next time I need enterprise drone equipment I might seek an alternative to DJI and/or I may even prefer to by a well used set just to save some money vs the substandard equipment and service that DJI offers.
That's a nasty experience.
I had a similar problem with my M30 in the field when I stupidly allowed an update to proceed before flying. The connection was poor to the DJI servers and yeah - the update failed.
I deleted the onboard cache at home and reinstalled the update from a more secure WIFI connection. I had errors that were resolved with a restart. Then I was surprised to find that I had to log back in - the firmware update had logged me out.
After a couple of hours, it was all good.

Your experience sounds so much like people on the Dell or HP computer websites complaining about their bad experiences with support. Long turnover times and the inability to fix seemingly simple software issues.

The other real issue is trying to determine if there is a firmware, software or hardware failure when you live thousands of miles away from a repair depot.

Hope it all works out in the end. Too bad DJI might not consider extending the warranty - especially after basically not being able to use your new aircraft.

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