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To Pro or not to Pro

Apr 12, 2015
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The Inspire Pro comments seem as if there are a lot of reports of flickering of the lens aperture (or other light settings), a gimbal that shakes and makes noises, does it seem as if all these can be resolved through firmware and software updates or are they requiring a return of the product(s)? I am facing a choice to upgrade or repair from an inspire 1 tomorrow and don't mind getting through updates but I would prefer not to have to send products back.

Any comment on if the 3 problems noted above are pervasive or sporadic?

The flickering is a firmware issue. Any gimbal issues should be sent back as defective. My gimbal is totally quiet and works perfectly.
I agree with ianwood, the few problems I have heard about is the noisy gimbal motor which I think means (defective) RMA! Next the flickering I think has been resolved. I read somewhere there was a batch of x5 that had a problem but I believe if you get one now from a reputable dealer you shouldn't have any problems. I for one love mine and I continue to learn everyday. I just got my Olympus lens in today so tomorrow I will be putting it to the test. I vote yes it's a definite buy.

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