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Inspire x5r issues transferring files from Cinelight to Premiere

May 1, 2016
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Hi All,

We have all the bugs out of the new Inspire x5r with one exception. When we transfer the files from Cinelight to Premiere we are gaining a LUT or something of the sort. Instead of being flat as we see it in Cinelight under the D-log style it transfers with lot's of contrast and saturation built in, it doesn't look bad just gives very little room for post work. Is there a work around for this issue? Thanks everyone for any and all help so glad to find a group for support, if we can be of any help ask away..

Is saw this as well, only thing I could see is under the profile to the right (I think it's colour space), it defaults to sRGB? You can change it back to slog there. This is in cinelight
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Thank you Brendan, I will check that out first thing in the morning and get back to you. Sure do appreciate the help sir.
You've got to remember that RAW is linear, so what you are seeing is normal. Log means nothing in RAW land, yes you can change the gamma curve to log, but it doesnt really add much unless you are exporting out of Cinelight as Prores files.

Im not sure about premiere but in resolve under the Camera RAW table you have full control over the RAW prem dng's out of cinelight.


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Thank you Joe, Yep the files are full of data and we can slide them anywhere, it was strange to see the come out all ready juicy but the latitude is there and we are having success. Thanks for all the help people, if I can never be of assistance just holler.
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