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USA 333 Exemption comment period

Feb 27, 2015
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Atlanta, GA.
Good morning all. Great news. Just saw that my 333 has made the FAA Registry. I know, I know. Some may say so what, but it's the little victories that make it worth it. I know I have a month, maybe two before approval. How long is the document open for comment?

Question 2: has anybody had as much difficulty registering they're drone in the US as I have. I bought my drone as an individual then filed for the LLC. I am the only officer, member and manager. Having trouble understanding the LLC wording required for registration. Guess I could call registration, but the Inspire pilote site is more fun..
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I registered it under my own name, so I don't know about registering it as an LLC. The process is identical to manned aircraft at the moment, so you can find information regarding that pretty easily. I have registered 4 aircraft with the FAA and it is pretty painless. Additionally calling the FAA branch, which I have done a few times, is not that bad.
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The comment period is for 30 days (although they never really "close" it). The average time from posting to approval is running 112 days... so count on 4 months before you're approved.

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