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USA 333 exemption amendment

Sep 18, 2013
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South West Florida
I want to add my Inspire to my pending 333 exemption, does anyone have a template or point me towards someone who has sent an amendment. I am not sure of the wording and what it needs to say to amend my 333 petition.
just got to regulations.gov and search a company that has an admentment. This one was simple enough and passed.

Dear Mr. Troutman

As we have indicated in our phone messages and emails, our client Burnz Eye View has proudly been issued an exemption, Regulatory Docket No FAA-2014-0519 and exemption numbered 11153 (hereinafter the Exemption) for the purpose of aerial photography over land, waterways, and oceans; (2) operation over and/or in non-restricted National Parks, National Forests, and non-navigable airspace using nonintrusive recording devices; and (3) operation in otherwise unrestricted U.S. States and Territories. Burnz Eye View hereby respectfully requests an amendment to the exemption to allow two additional type of unmanned aircraft system (UAS) that fully complies with the conditions of the Exemption.

Bunz Eye View wishes to additionally operate a DJI S1000 and DJI Inspire under the same terms and conditions contained in the Exemption. Sent under separate cover, is the Flight Operations and Procedures Manual (FOPM) for the additional UAS. All operations of the additional UAS will be in full compliance with the terms of the Exemption.

As this is an amendment to an existing exemption asking only for the addition of another type of unmanned aerial vehicle, Burnz Eye View respectfully submits that good cause exists so that notice does not need to be published in the Federal Register for the requested amendment.

Please feel free to contact the undersigned should you have any question or concerns concerning this request for an amendment to the Exemption.


Michael D. Curran, Esq./ATP
Quail Garden Corporate Center
662 Encinitas Boulevard, Suite 260
Encinitas CA 92024
760-634-1229 phone
760-634-0729 fax
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