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  1. GsquaredAerials

    SOLD: M30T Thermal Drone | 8 Batteries | 2 Hard Cases | Extras |

    Hi All. I'm selling my M30T package that I purchased brand new in July 2023 from Florida Drone Supply. My goal was to use it as a future way to earn an income in the event I lost my job. However since last November, the work load at my job has kept me so busy that I haven't spent any time...
  2. GsquaredAerials

    Sensitivity of left-stick yaw during extreme zooms

    Anyone know if there's a way the controller can automatically deaden the yaw sensitivity as we zoom further and further? As we all know, at 200x, even a gnat bumping into the left stick, pans the drone way off the focused object. If not done automatically, could there be a custom button that's...
  3. GsquaredAerials

    Screencast from the RC Plus controller to a tablet or smart TV

    I just saw this guy's video on how to screencast from the remote to a tablet or smart TV or dumb TV with a Roku, Chromcast or Firestick adapter. This could be used in scenarios where you're out in a remote area and need to provide a video feed to an incident team or a client and don't have a...
  4. R

    matrice 300 rtk no controller

    Hi, so i have a Matrice 300 rtk. It's just sitting here because i don't have the controller. I got this from an individual who owed me money, and this was the only form of payment I was able to get. I want to fly but I think it's too much drone for me. I'm planning on selling it and getting a...
  5. Florida Drone Supply

    Florida Drone Supply

    Hello, I am Mike den Hartog, I am just one of the team members here at Florida Drone Supply where we have grown and expanded with the Forums over the years, and happy to be forum partners. Helping pilots with equipment, safety, and flight. We are all pilots here at FDS, both selling and using...
  6. S

    Matrice 100 firmware update bricked the device

    Hi, I have a DJI Matric 100 and yesterday I tried updating its firmware to version 1.3.1. At first I tired updating with Assistant V2 using a pc, and everything was going fine until it failed with "connection error" and started beeping and the pc wont recognize the device anymore. In Device...
  7. V

    Livestream Matrice 210

    What are some options to livestream from a Matrice? Unlike all the other dji products there’s no live-streaming option from the app.
  8. Gregg Smith

    M600 Pro or M-210

    Looking at moving from a more Film / TV service provider to an Industrial service provider doing tower inspections, utility line inspections, pipeline inspections, Search & Rescue, etc... I'm wondering if I should get the new M-210 or go with a M-600 Pro. I like the extra level of...
  9. K

    Which autonomous flight app is best for Matrice 100?

    I want to use our Matrices, one with X5 and the other with Flir VuePro, to make orthomosaic maps. To do so, I need to autonomously fly waypoint "lawnmower" patterns. I'm trying to figure out which of the autonomous flight programs out there would be EASIEST and BEST SUITED for this mission...
  10. droneshop

    M 600 In Canada with cases

    Anyone from Canada looking to get into the M600, I have now built a few including a couple with Flir Vue Pro R cameras and x5 gimbals. We have the Microraptor cases as well. Will be posting a build thread to help out with your builds after the next one. Looking into inverted camera mount as...
  11. zaveraj

    Landing gear & 360 motion

    What kind of angles are people getting with the X3/X5 cameras before the picture is obstructed by the non-retracting landing gear. Any ideas on a landing gear / gimbal mod ???
  12. S

    multiple cameras on Matrice 100

    Does any one know if the Matrice 100 will be able to take RGB pictures and NDVI pictures in one flight using two cameras?
  13. W

    Matrice 100, X3 and onboard computer

    Hi all, I'm a PhD researcher looking to perform computer vision tasks onboard a UAV. I've considered multiple options and the matrice 100 appears to be the best choice (integration with ROS, payload capabilities, multiple batteries, etc.). I'm looking to run some computer vision algorithms...
  14. J

    Matrice 100 Guidance Performance

    Guys, I was just about to go ahead and put in a purchase order for the Matrice 100 Guidance. I'm trying to do some indoor imaging where I'd prefer to have the stereoscopic/ultrasonic sensors around so I don't hit a wall or anything. Has anyone purchased Guidance yet? What's been your experience...