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Matrice 100, X3 and onboard computer

Oct 28, 2015
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Hi all,

I'm a PhD researcher looking to perform computer vision tasks onboard a UAV.

I've considered multiple options and the matrice 100 appears to be the best choice (integration with ROS, payload capabilities, multiple batteries, etc.).

I'm looking to run some computer vision algorithms (for object detection and tracking) with an onboard computer to subsequently make decisions about repositioning the UAV, etc. I'm now considering my options regarding a suitable camera. The options I have are:

1) USB webcam connected directly to the onboard computer
2) Zenmuse X3 camera connected to the N1 flight controller then to the onboard computer.

I'm just wondering if you guys know whether option 2 is actually possible? That is, can the image output of the zenmuse X3 be captured by an onboard computer either by routing it directly or through the flight controller (perhaps using the DJI onboard SDK?) ?!

The benefit of option 2 is the significant increase in camera quality as well as the ability to receive the image at the ground station. My second question is that if 2) isn't possible, is there a way of transmitting the webcam image through the flight controller for receival? (The alternative to this is just a WiFi connection to a groundstation machine..)

Thanks in advance!
Hi Will,

Did you find if option 2, mentioned in your post, is possible? I am looking to access image data from zenmuse X3 using odroid XU4 and didn't find any helpful resources. If you have found anything about this, it would be great if you could direct to me to those sources.

Thank you.

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