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X5 Compatible Lens Excel Spreadsheet

Jan 8, 2017
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I created the attached PDF for all of the lenses I could determine which should work on the X5 on the Inspire 1. It is actually an Excel Spreadsheet, but the board doesn't handle xlsx file uploads. Send me an email at [email protected] if you would like an Excel file.

Those lenses confirmed by DJI to be compatible are in Green, those mentioned on the Inspire Pilots board as compatible (but not yet listed by DJI) are in Blue, and those that look like they should be compatible (but for which no one has yet confirmed it) are in Orange.

For each I give the price at B&H, the weight, the filter size, etc.

PLEASE download and use however you like. If there are errors, just post a reply comment and I will update the sheet.

I will be posting the most current sheet here (in PDF) and at my blog (in XLSX coming soon) at We Are In The Air For You | Barking Deer® Photography

Any mistakes or errors are mine alone.


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Thanks for posting! Some of the new lenses are so heavy I can't imagine they would be a viable lens for the X5 / X5R. Trying to balance a 300g+ lens would be tough.
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Yes, that would be a problem. I am experimenting with small balance weights (see photo) that are used to balance tires. This one is 5 grams (on Amazon $9 Amazon.com: uxcell® 5 x Adhesive Car Truck Tire Wheel Balancing Weights Strips 2.1 oz 60g: Automotive), with double stick tape backing. For interchangeable lenses I am trying out Velcro brand hook & loop squares with these weights. What you use is not critical, in fact coins with double stick tape work fine and "cost" much less, Here are some weights you might like to know:

Penny (since 1983) - 2.5 g
Nickel (since 1866) - 5.0 g
Dime (since 1965) - 2.3 g


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