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What is this thing for?!

Dec 8, 2015
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Long time reader, first post. I've been loving this group. Every time I have been unsure of something, this forum has an answer for it.

So here is my first post, probably an idiotic one at that, but this has been driving me nuts.

What is this for/ what does it do? I assume it covers something or clips over a part. Can't figure it out though...

Photo on 30-12-2015 at 6.35 pm.jpg
To hold your gimbal in place when mounted on the aircraft, so it doesn't turn all over the place when you carry it.
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They included this if you purchased the Inspire Pro...but did not include it if you bought the X5 for your Inspire 1. I would like to have this to keep my camera/gimbal steady....how cheap can you be? How much would this cost them?
Ahh, awesome! Thanks guys- that just went from being a useless bit of plastic to a handy tool.
So now I've seen gimbal locks for both Phantom gimbal and X5 gimbal, but never seen one for the X3 gimbal.
Has there been made any for the X3?

Also a camera lens protector for the Phantom i see all over the internet, but for the X3 they seem hard to find. The few home 3D printed I've seen on ebay has had a total price of about 30 USD with shipping to Europe. I think that is a bit too expensive for a piece of plastic.
X3 lock? Yup.


Get them here: DJI Inspire 1 Gimbal Lock
Oh that was good to know. But i guess the shipping would have been ridiculously expensive to Europe if he is located in USA anyway. From what I've seen after doing many purchases on ebay USA seems to have very high shipping rates compared to for example UK, Germany and most European countries and Asian countries.

Otherwise this type of gimbal lock is what I'm looking after.
Really?? I didn't know that, well those i have seen all over the internet, shouldn't be too complicated to pick one of those up.

Do you mean the one that comes in the box (i think?) when you buy the P2V or do you mean some of the ones that people have 3D printed themselves?


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