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Software tricks to improve X5 footage

Mar 7, 2014
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I am a follower of well known cinematographer, Philip Bloom. For a while, Philip was sort of in the pocket of DJI, and posting lots of footage of his work with Phantoms and the original Inspire. The footage he posted was excellent, but at the same time it was obvious that he had done a lot of work in post. He has never revealed what his exact procedures were, but he did complain about noise and bit rates and compression artifacts. Now it seems he has broken his ties with DJI because there was been no more from him particularly about the X5 and XRaw. If you look at his footage carefully, you will see that it looks better than the X5, even though it was taken with lesser technology cameras. So, I am wondering what people have discovered here as the best application of various pieces of software to make the X5 footage look less noisy, less prone to blocking and compression artifacts and so forth. Do you use Resolve? Or how about plug ins? How to do use them? Do you add a bit of Gaussian Blur, Do you crush your blacks? etc. Do you go as far as to add cinema grain from the likes of Crumple Pop software and Film Convert. I recently took my Inspire 1 X3 camera for a low light flight and was actually impressed by its performances, the subtlety of the colors actually looks better than the X5?
If you follow Bloom, surprised you havent seen this or this released last week (and some others here) in which he says he is using the official X5 Osmo adaptor (currently unreleased).
Thanks for the Facebook link. I see he is complaining about the bit rate again. I am not surprised..I think my solution...a CAMETV SINGLE with a Sony A7RII and 10-20mm Sony lens works better in 4K. See Doug Duggdale's review of this set up. With the Sony, you can set to continuous autofocus. I am using this a lot a weddings. Pilotfly H2 Gimbal Review. I tried to Pilot Fly and didn't like it. Too fiddly. The one advantage of this system over everything else is that you also have a top flight video and stills camera.

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