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Needing a Test Unit - XT2 640 13mm to verify my XT2

Feb 21, 2018
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I’m looking for a willing Owner of a XT2 640 13mm to loan their XT2 out to a fellow XT2 Owner to help verify my XT2 camera.
Or, if someone knows how / whom to contact to have mine repaired… since FLIR Repair didn’t correct.

My XT2 appears to be out of focus on the RGB at any distance beyond 20-25 ft. This also effects the MSX mode, not being as clear or focused.

I sent it to DJI, they apparently verified my complaint and stated they don’t repair FLIR and a $380 pre-service charge was required to send to FLIR. I gladly paid the $380 and DJI sent to FLIR. That was during the Covid ordeal and FLIR took almost 1 year to return (10+ months). When it arrived, the work order stated “Could not Duplicate Customer Complaint”. Dang, I really hate those, a fricken year fussing with this and results “Can’t Duplicate Problem”! They proceeded to indicate they updated the thermal sensor, not sure what that entailed… since that wasn’t the complaint.

I contacted DJI about how problem wasn’t corrected and they essentially indicated if FLIR stated it was good, then they had no recourse… and expressed they were sorry about pre-payment, but not refundable since that was a FLIR charge.

I’ve experimented a bit more… using a CS UB with DJI Go4 and my M210 v1. Setting craft on table in drive way, looking across street… the neighbors truck parked in drive, license is unreadable on screen, if zoomed it’s worse. ( Note, license is readable by human eye at same location); Anything under 25ft is tack-sharpe. I have noticed, it’s a little better on the image file than screen. If switch over to thermal (any mode: 2 panes, Center PIP, etc) and MSX on, not readable.

I’d like to mount up a 2nd XT2 640 13mm, and if much better… document the difference between the 2 and prepare a package for a 2nd Service Ticket for repair.

Long story short…
Looking for a 2nd XT2 to compare. Very willing to cover shipping & insurance both ways. Also willing to cover a usage fee of reasonable amount.

I live in Iowa, so interested in USA only… if close distance, I’m willing to drive to test my XT2 too.
Thanks for considering, shoot me a PM if interested.

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