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Zenmuse XT2 - focus & clarity

Feb 21, 2018
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Question on the XT2 and it's clarity.
I purchased a 2nd M600 that included a XT2 that was supposedly used very little.

I noticed when mounted to my M210v1, the RGB wasn't Sharp. Aimed across street to neighbors truck, from my driveway sitting M210 on table the license plate wasn't readable. Focus was sharp apx 20-30 ft and slightly out of focus further out.

In thermal using RGB MSX, it remained poor focus.
I created a service ticket and sent in for repair. DJI sent a notice that it needed to be sent to Flir for repair and required a pre-payment of $350, which I promptly paid. This was during the height of covid ordeal. Received XT2 back about 10 months later, with Flir work statement "couldn't duplicate problem". They did proceed to update FW and Thermal sensor update... Indicated on wk stmt for "no charge".

I mounted on M210 and has exactly the same results piror to sending in for repair.

I haven't used a XT2 before... Is this normal performance. Is image not very sharp, even RGB?
I also noticed pointing at myself from 20 ft away... My facial temps were in 60's F... Forehead and open mouth... Shouldn't this be much higher, especially open mouth? Reviewing YouTubes, it should be performing much better.

I did reach out to DJI, sent them the Flir wk-stmt. They didn't know or react in a way to correct.
I'm little hesitant to start repair process again and pre-payment again if not resolved.
I'd like to have a useable XT2, it was a pricey investment... But I'm not sure how to proceed or verify quality of the Unit.

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