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M600 to M600Pro - more than A3 Upgrade

Feb 21, 2018
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I've come across a several Listings for M600 in classified (Ebay, and forums) where they've Advertised package is a "M600Pro", upgraded from a M600.
A note to be aware... adding the A3 Pro & Top M600Pro Cover upgrade isn't the only upgrade needed to become a M600Pro.

If you're looking to Purchase a M600Pro... something to be watchful... if you desire a full version of a M600Pro.
A M600 with A3Pro isn't a M600Pro... it's a M600 with A3 Upgrade.

To equal a M600Pro, requires multiple additional parts.
These additional parts make it identical in Appearance and Operation to a M600Pro.
Part of the operation is transportation in case; these components provide the M600Pro quick take-down functionality and fitting & transportability in a GPC M600Pro Case (different case for M600).

The M600 to M600Pro upgrade involves:
1) A3 Pro Upgrade
2) M600Pro Top Cover

Plus the additional...
3) Pair of Skids (includes the M600Pro Quick Releases)
4) Pair of Leg struts
5) Pair of Antenna mounts for Arms (will need to drill mount hole in M600 arms).
6) Pair fo Antennas & proper length leads
7) Leg Strut Spring Kit (mates to the quick release brackets and landing gear assemblies)
8) Lf & Rt Landing Gear Motor assemblies
In addition to the cost of A3 Pro, the above will add an additional $850-900 to the upgrade.

The L&R gear motors are pricey, as well the carbon components.
If You purchase a M600 upgraded with A3 advertised as M600Pro... they owe you about $880 refunded for the remaining upgrades.
Lastly, Even if FULLY Upgraded, still should be listed as M600 upgraded to M600Pro. The Serial Number & the Model Sticker will state M600, not M600Pro.

These are the additional M600Pro parts required to complete a M600 to M600Pro platform in addition the A3 Pro & Cover.
M600Pro Parts.jpg

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