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iOS issue

Nov 12, 2015
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Inspire 1 Pro, latest firmware (, Dec 22)
iPad iOS 9.2, 46gb free, works fine
iPhone 6s+ iOS 9.2, works fine
DJI Go 2.4.3 Installed on both
Two Inspire remotes

So, with the latest Inspire 1 pro update everything works except my iPad.

I can get a "camera view" using either remote with my iPhone, but when I'm using the iPad and click "Camera view" in the DJI Go app it hangs for about 5 sec and then the app quits.

I've reset the iPad, checked that everything else works well.

Any suggestions?
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The standard advice with iOS is "remove the DJI GO app, then reinstall it." This apparently has a good success rate.

Another reminder that DJI is pretty poor at software. If the solution to any software problem is "remove it and reinstall it", then you're doing it wrong.
Does DJI GO works well on iOS 9.2?

Have not dared to update my iPad, because I did not want to have trouble. Have too much work, to have to deal with it ..
Yes, I am using my iPad Mini 4 with iOS 9.2 just fine.

The problems come when you change anything, as when you install new firmware on the Inspire. The Go app doesn't seem to handle such transitions well, and this "delete and reinstall" trick seems to solve a lot of problems.
I have no proof but strongly suspect the DJI app is sometimes caching data related to the peripheral (i.e., the controller) for convenience rather than reading things fresh each time; this is not a great idea with Apple's EAAccessory framework for a whole variety of reasons. Not leastwise, the fact that a firmware update on the peripheral might cause things to no longer work quite right.

At any rate, this is why uninstalling and reinstalling the application would fix things, because you would blow away the application data (and thus whatever they are caching). :/

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