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Australia Inpire opened new challenges... and opportunites - please help

Aug 9, 2015
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South Africa
Hello Guys 'n Girls

My work with the Inspire 1 has opened up another opportunity for me and that is InfraRed imaging.

Can anyone help me work though the multitude of options out there please?
I am used to the way DJI work (good or bad) and I have a dealer close by at least.
After much research my IR equipment of choice looks to be the Optris range from Germany.

But I have big problems in deciding on a stabilised gimbal set-up. I was thinking of getting a unit that can cyrry something heavy like a Canon D and then with slight modifications make the IR imager fit...

If for instance, I would like to go with a S900 from DJI, do you think it is a workable solution... and what do you suggest the complete kit will look like?


PS - the page did not want to post without "pre-fix", so I chose Australia, as South Africa was lot listed.
What sort of IR imaging do you want to do exactly? Are we talking NDVI or thermal imaging? DJI have just announced a new FLIR Zenmuse thermal IR camera that should be available in <insert timeframe here>. If you are talking NDVI, you can modify the X3 camera to do this. I have a modified X3, the conversion cost more than camera but initial tests are looking pretty good. Modifying a spare X3 should prove cheaper than buying an S900/camera/lens etc.
Hey there Stinkys

I mainly fly electrical infrastructure, like power lines and outdoor substations.
I would require images or videos that can be analyzed after the fact, to create reports and real time temperature to "see" hot spots.
I believe this type of IR imagery is what they call full radiometric and/or 14 bit.

I saw the XT promos and immediately contacted DJI, but it has now been at least 3 days with not a peep from the direct email address, or the web response form.
They specifically mention power line inspection so I'd say the XT is what you want. Thermal IR of heat signatures to see stressed metals. If it is anything like the Osmo release there will be massive demand and a great shortage of stock, so you may need to be patient for it.
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And what a bonus it will be if the XT can be used with the OSMO!
It will save me an enormous amount of money.

I still battle with one thing though...
Where does the Hz or frame rate count?

I have looked at some web videos that tries to compare <9Hz and 24Hz (NTSC) / 25Hz (PAL) footage.
Am I correct in saying it is only the "jerkiness" of the video?
For the rest it is the same?

Am I also correct in saying that to do electrical inspections I will most likely fly with FPV and when I notice something "hot", I will take a snapshot, so Hz should not matter?
On the other hand if I fly a solar farm... would the "jerkiness" matter you think?
Yep only the "jerkiness"... and not much you can do about it. Pretty much all thermal cameras are made in the USA, and the USA don't allow exporting thermal cameras that refresh faster than 9Hz... so any other offer would be the same.

It will affect FPV flying, for the actual imagery it's not that important.
That is as much as I thought...

Pity DJI did not pick Optris from Germany... there you get frame rates up to 80Hz I believe...

On the other hand, the price is then a little less... especially if there is a chance of falling from the sky ;)

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