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How fast can the preprocess be?

Nov 1, 2015
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This is my typical process to take of inspire 1 pro.
It takes 1-2 minutes, but I wonder if there is a shorter process than this or not.
(Assume we're using DJI original case)

- Open case, take inspire (traveling mode) and battery out of the case.
- Insert battery to inspire
- Turn on inspire, remote controller
- Switch it to landing mode
- Turn off inspire
- Attach x5 to inspire
- Turn on inspire
- Attach props

P.S. I use DJI original case. I am thinking of buying inspak landing mode backpack for x5, but this is not released yet.
Check satellites? Gimbal roll? No fly zones? Airplane mode Apple Watch and iPhone, Compass calibration if far from last calibration site? Image channel strength? Home point stored properly? Flight mode? Setting return to home altitude based off tallest obstacle? These are all crucial. I also never fly past 3.5 volts in the lowest cell as there's tons of reports of quads dropping from the sky when they dip below 3(ish) volts in the lowest battery cell. It's major to display this info on the home page of the DJI app in my opinion.

Maybe some stuff to think about adding to your list?

Takes me 5-7 mins to fly from taking it out of my vehicle.

Add 3 extra minutes to this if I'm flying with drone deploy.

Happy flying!
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