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  1. A

    Maximum Frames Per Second for X5S

    Does the X5S offer 120 frames per second for 1920x1080? Also unsure if the FPS recording capabilities are the same as when using it on the Osmo.
  2. FranMan

    PLEASE HELP!!! Inspire 1 X5 horrible vibrations (URGENT!!!)

    I have recently been having some issues with my X5 Camera on my Inspire 1. It has this horrible vibration that won't go away no matter what I do unless I firmly hold camera, then the vibration goes away. The weird thing is, that the issue does not occur on the Osmo whatsoever... I've tried using...
  3. P

    Does anyone have info on the OSMO type device for X5s?

    Does anyone have info on the OSMO type device for X5s?
  4. david cox

    New Zenmuse 512GB SSD Card and 15mm Lens for sale

    Hi All You X5R and X5 Owners, Have a brand new 512GB SSD Card and brand new DJI15mm Lens for sale. Surplus to requirements. They are on eBay, but happy to discount further to Members. Card: £599 inc VAT Lens: £449 inc VAT You can contact me via my company, Superduck Ltd. Email...
  5. E

    Oversaturated Red Colors on Zenmuse x5

    Anyone experience oversaturated reds on Zenmuse x5? When I shoot the red color is oversaturated and way to vibrant. Any ideas on setting to use in camera to avoid this? https://goo.gl/photos/26e5MUjW8hf3vnXT6
  6. Tex

    X5 on DJI Osmo

    Hey to all. DJI announced release of special X5/X5R-mount plate for OSMO(provides in stock with X3 camera). It's hard not to notice that plates and mounts of X3 and X5 are almost the same as well as lock system. I've tried to mount my X5 from Inspire to Osmo. Well, it suits, but lock doesn't...