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matrice 100

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    DJI Matrice 100 Full Setup Zenmuse X3 With DJI Guidance

    DJI Matrice 100 Full Setup Has Zemuse X3, DJI Guidance Obstacle Avoidance, and 4 Batteries Comes with: 1x Matrice 100 (V2 model with updated frame) 1x DJI Lightbridge Remote (Inspire 1/Matrice 100 Version) 1x Zemuse X3 Gimbal Camera (12MP 4K camera) 1x DJI Guidance Unit (obstacle...
  2. S

    Matrice 100 firmware update bricked the device

    Hi, I have a DJI Matric 100 and yesterday I tried updating its firmware to version 1.3.1. At first I tired updating with Assistant V2 using a pc, and everything was going fine until it failed with "connection error" and started beeping and the pc wont recognize the device anymore. In Device...
  3. C

    Manifold's BIOS

    Hi you all! Does anyone know how to enter in the BIOS of Manifold? I've tried Esc, Delete, Supr, F1, F2, F8, F12, etc and got nothing. Thank you very much!
  4. J

    XT Compatability

    I recently posted a coment in the Osmo thread about this but since it's pertinent I'll drop a line here as well. After talking to DJI and FLIR it seems that the Zenmuse XT is only compatible with the Inspire 1 and Matrice 100. Nothing else. I tried prying for information as to why this decision...
  5. J

    Motor/ Batter Temp for Matrice 100

    Looking into working in volatile environments with a developer style drone and was wondering if anyone knew of the max temp ranges for the batteries and motors for the Matrice 100. I understand the that the drone is not Explosion Proof nor Intrinsically Safe but depending on the operating...
  6. S

    Green Rapid Indication Light

    I just got a new Matrice 100 drone and completed putting it together with an x3 gimbal and dual battery bays. When I turn on the batteries everything seems to be working fine, but the indicator light keeps rapidly flashing green and the RC can't connect/isn't' connected when I try to. I have...
  7. C

    Matrice 100 Serial Protocol (from UART)?

    I'm trying to get useful serial data from the M100 via the UART output. I successfully connected the included UART cable to the TX/RX/GND on my Arduino, matched the baud rate of the M100, and see data coming from the M100 on my serial monitor. The problem is it's an overwhelming stream of...
  8. A

    Matrice 100 Zenmuse X3 gimbal not working

    Hello there, I am new to DJI's products but I am not new to quadcopters. We recently bought a Matrice 100 copter with a Zenmuse X3 gimbal and camera. I am able to connect everything up and I currently receive live camera footage on the DJI Pilot App on my tablet, but I am not able to get a...
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    Matrice 100 stops to take photo

    I have a Matrice 100 and are having trouble with it wanting to stop to take photos when using Drondeploy, Maps Made Easy Map Pilot and Data Mapper in Flight, I believe it has started doing it after the DJI Go App update 2.8.7 on the 16th August, has anyone experiencing the same thing or has any...
  10. D

    Matrice 100 yawing (spinning) in wind during forward flight.

    Just flying a DJI Matrice 100 and using Maps Made Easy - Map Pilot app. Has anyone noticed yawing of the entire craft during forward flight, so much so the craft spins, sometimes just a half spin, sometimes more to one side and then corrects itself. Seems to happen in stronger winds. The...