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X 5 setting for photo/ video

Best setting is to do a search, try some settings, learn, adjust, improve
There are no do-it-all settings. The X5 is a proper camera and so you need to understand photography and what all of the settings do in order for you to decide on what settings you need for a given shot.
Read up on aperture, focal-length, ISO, hyperfocal distance, and shutter speed. There are loads of resources on the internet that will teach you about them.

If you don`t have a micro 4/3 normal hand-held camera, buy one. You can then use the same lens as your X5 and learn what it`s capable of from the safety of the ground.
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A few tips.

A higher aperture number equates to a larger depth of field, in other words more of your fore- and background will be in focus. A smaller aperture number means that your focus point becomes smaller, fore- and background start to blur. With a larger aperture number, the shutter has a smaller opening, allowing less light to reach the sensor, so your exposure times will increase.

Higher aperture numbers are usually best used for scenic landscapes, lower aperture numbers are better for object photos where you want viewer focus to concentrate on the subject.

Shutter speed will depend on your aperture and also your subject. If you have a fast moving subject like in sports, you will typically want the fastest shutter speed you can get, with a few exceptions like when you want motion blur.

ISO settings should be kept as low as possible.

This was shot at f22, 1/100 sec, ISO 100.

Vs this shot at f5.6, 1/120 sec, ISO 100.


Motion blur panning the camera, f11, 1/90 sec, ISO 100.

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