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UK Vox comms

May 28, 2015
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hello all,
I work with a colleague who is pilot, and I am generally photographer. We do surveys of large buildings for surveyors in and around London. It's been in my mind for a while, but in a week or two we have a survey to make in a potentially noisy environment. With both of us facing the craft and concentrating, it is often important to give direction to the pilot, or to let him know when I have finished, or if I want him to change approach or move a little.

Does anyone know of a decent Vox operated head mounted communications device? I've tried a couple of places and they tell me that Vox Comms don't really work.

Has anyone any experience?

And before anyone asks, we generally have one or two observers to allow us to concentrate on the job in hand...

All best

I would be interested to know as well. One that doesn't allow you to squash each other either, like talking on a cell phone.
You will not be able to 'hold a conversation' as you can on a cell phone since PMR radios are not duplex. They are what's known as simplex which means they can only transmit OR receive. They are unable to do both simultaneously which is what you would need to achieve what you are after.
Perhaps use two Bluetooth headsets (with ear plug style ear buds that seal your ear canal for noise reduction) and simply place a call between your two phones?... You'd have duplex audio (although you might have some echo/bleed if you're standing really close to one another) and noise reduction.
Simplex would be fine... "over"

The feedback I've got from one dealer is that none of them really work. I can't believe that, because any work I've done in helicopters I've had comms with the pilot, again where I've been able to direct him to give me the angle that I need. That communication was simplex I think, only one of us was able to talk at once.

We have a survey job coming up where I suspect two of us will be launching and retrieving in one location and I shall be about twenty feet behind the pilot... I need to be able to give simple clear instructions. Albeit the pilot will be briefed in advance


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