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Stock 15mm lens on X5S with magenta cast?

Nov 4, 2016
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I'm wondering if the stock lens has a magenta tint to it that cannot be dialed out in manual or custom WB? Too bad the camera cannot do a "WB Auto Lock" like Nikon with their PER setting that takes into consideration light tints too.

I found the X4S to be more color neutral so why I'm suspecting the 15mm even though the X4S is softer in corners. The X4S seems to favor about 200 Kelvin below what my color temp. meter says too (i.e. Meter says 5,200K, and X4S likes 5,000K for a gray. X5S seems opposite too and likes 5,500K.).

Below is a MOV off the X5S with the stock 15mm lens. I raised the WB 100 degrees Kelvin every 4-5 seconds starting with 4,700K and ending at 5,700K in the daylight (Sekonic color temp. meter said 5,250K). The last 10 seconds is the Auto White Balance which is more gray to me than anything in the timeline of manual 100 Kelvin changes. You can see the bluish tint at the start of 4,700K and ends with the reddish of 5,700K at around 48 seconds before the Auto WB gray appears. You can scroll the Kelvin timeline and see the color change, but never really a gray and has that magenta cast.

In Resolve 14 you can see the waveform of the RGB lines shift. Green seems to be too low for some reason and cannot be tuned in the settings.

Don't know how the Oly. 45mm performs since Oly. is working on it

[GALLERY=media, 900]X5S Kelvin Test 15mm by Casey53 posted Jul 30, 2017 at 4:27 PM[/GALLERY]

Here is the X4S. Exact same conditions and settings as above, just no 10 second Auto at the end.
[GALLERY=media, 900]X4S Kelvin Test | DJI Inspire Drone Forum[/GALLERY]
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That is the only lens that has the DJI name on it purely but I have not heard of a problem. It goes to reason that it is probably made by the lowest bidder since it is not an upgraded name with known a brand.

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