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SDK Activation

Oct 18, 2015
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I've been trying to activate the SDK but have been having no luck. I have a DJI SDK account already which has an app ID + Key for the onboard app I wanto to run, but am unsure as to how to register this with my M100.

From a previous post I understand I have to register my M100 with the DJIGO App by logging into my DJI SDK account when the RC is connected to my M100, but how do I register my M100 through the DJIGO App? And how do the Onboard Apps I've registered online get associated with my M100?

Thanks in advance!
A little bit more information for those who can help. So far, I've upgraded the M100 firmware, and the RC firmware to the latest versions. I've compiled the example program, connected the QT program to the M100 using a USB to UART 3.3v cable, registered the onboard application (I have the ID + key) and put the onboard application details (ID + key) into the QT application. Even after I log into the DJI account which has the the onboard application registered on the DJIGO app and connect the iPad to the RC, I cannot activate the SDK. For safety, I've set the flight (P-A-F) mode to F. However, whenever I press activate, I keep getting the following error message:

STATUS activateCallback,line 252: new device, please link DJIGO to your remote controller and try again

I imagine that the DJIGO app must be logged into the account which has the ID + key of the application that I'm trying to run? Otherwise, what am I doing wrong?

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