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Roof inspection

Jan 11, 2015
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I mostly photograph for real estate agents and the press, but has recently been asked if I can film a roof on a church before a final inspection.

Have never done this before, and wondering if there is something I should consider, think of..

What I think of is to pull down the gain, so it is not as quick in acceleration. ATTI? But perhaps become dangerous if you fly close and there comes a gust of wind?

Will work my way from side to side up to the ridge and then vertically up and down the church tower.
It should be the easiest flight without risking to crash into the church?
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The best aircraft to suit you in this case is matrice100 with guidance system. But since we use Inspire, I think you should monitor the wind direction and speed (calm day is ideal), decrease gain, modify exponents to make control smoother and maintain all time visual contact (if possible, take a friend with you to control camera using slave controller). As for flight mode, I would fly in p-gps for precise hovering. Do not forget to calibrate compass and check IMU.
I agree with the first reply, I once turned the settings up to make the UAS move quickly and be able to move around obstacles etc. I was filming for a friend that owns a boat dock removal and install service. It was my most challenging project due to standing on something that moves through a not so solid surface. My point is in any aerial photography shoot you want slow and smooth but if you turn up the gain to make , it makes moving slow and smooth almost impossible. I had it turned up so far that a mm of stick movement moved the quad 5 meters. Yeah anyone that does this professionally knows that can't possibly in any circumstances produce good results. Maybe if you were at max legal altitude and your subject was 500ft away but its still going to be herky jerky.

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