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Received new SFOC - site inspector

Jan 14, 2016
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I just been granted my first SFOC - Ontario. It looks like for my first flight they will be sending a inspector. A few questions for those who have been through the process...

Is it the norm in other provinces including Ontario to have a inspector onsite. I don't have a issue with it just curious. If I was in the bush somewhere in the boonies I wonder if they would they still come out. I am operating over a private gated property with no public access 5 acres in size.

What is their protocol other then making sure I adhere to the SFOC requirements and my checklists?

Any trick questions I should know about :)

Is it normally just the first flight they come out for and providing everything goes according to plan you are set free afterwards...
That's weird, no mention of an inspector with our SFOC in western Canada....
I would be sure to bring the SFOC, Insurance docs and your fire extinguisher as well as a printed out map of the area. You can never be too careful with these inspector types... Might ding you on some random provision that's stated in the SFOC. You should be fine but who knows how **** the dude will be.
Yeah, I didn't hear of it mentioned before re: inspector so figured I would put it out there.

I read and reread things over a few times. As you suggested I have the extinquisher checked off and insurance as must haves. Who knows I am told I will be provided a contact to confirm with post flight. Maybe he or she will be a no-show. I mean how many inspectors can we possibly have.

I should have did my flight up at the cottage lol
I am in the middle of processing sfocs did an inspector ever show up? I am curious to know how they should know when exactly you are flying? I give a 3week range for my sfocs

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It was actually my very first SFOC request and I guess because I am close to their office they asked if they could spot check my operation. I said sure not a problem. However do to weather we had to reschedule on two occasions and we never did end up meeting up.
We also bring an air band portable radio, you need a licence from Industry Canada in order to use it, we state that in the SFOC. We use a Canada Flight Supplement and a local chart. It depends what you have written in your COM. Pre and post flight and emergency checklists, etc.

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