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New DJI X5 Calibration Video

This is helpful. I have been told to do this calibration on the ground when the craft is stable...no movement. In this video, when they get ready to actually press the calibration option on the screen, the voice over instruction says to point the lens at the horizon...the video shows the camera pointing directly downward....a bit confusing. But I'm happy DJI has listened to us and has provided some sort of official procedure to do this calibration.

I am happy with my images, video and photo. But I have never been totally confident that my lens is calibrated properly.
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Hoya 46mm Digital Filter Kit II HK-DG46-II B&H Photo Video

I have that kit. I only ever use the ND8 or the UV filter. The reason I like that kit is because those filters seem to balance perfectly with all the Olympus primes (although a step-up ring is needed for the 45mm).

That looks like a nice kit -- I have three 46mm Hoya ND filters, a NDX2, NDX4 and a NDX8 as well as a NDX16 from Tiffen. I also have a 46mm UV filter for those times when the light is too low to use a ND filter for video or for those times I want to shoot stills and need the weight to properly balance. The one filter I do not have is a CPL but I seldom use the CPL's I have for my DSLR's.

The three Hoya and one Tiffen ND filters and one UV filter connect dirrectly to three of my lenses and I have a 37mm to 46mm step up ring for my 45mm lens. So, the filter kit is useable on all four of my lenses and the total cost of all 5 filters and the step up ring was just under $100 from B&H.


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