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M30T/ How to slave a second RC Plus to Master controller

In the remote pairing screen, you should be able to select Remote A or Remote B.

If you would like to set up a time this week I can do this for you on a screen share or record and post the instruction for this.

Michael W. den Hartog
UAS-SME/Customer Success-Florida Drone Supply

For more assistance, feel free to email or call us at the number or email address below.
I apologize for giving the impression I was being sarcastic.
I was not. I was/am asking a legitimate question.
Will you please share your knowledge with the rest of the forum?
or is it a state secret?
No not sarcastic at all.

Please do not contact me again.
I was going to thank licensed pilot for sharing the link, but since he politely asked me not to contact him again, I guess I won't.
I'm assuming the FPV camera being fixed and pointed straight ahead means the flight controlling pilot can't necessarily see down below to reposition if requested by the camera operator? Like in the case for a structure fire. I guess the solution would be to hover further out and then just let the camera op zoom in.

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