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Is this legit?

Yes, it's real. The email was sent to all dealers.
And it seems that all dealers have now redacted their statements from yesterday on this and other forums.

Didn't realize this was such a big deal. Stopped by a new DJI retailer yesterday in the Seattle area, asked about the Matrix. The employee's voice dropped to a near whisper and he said "I can't talk about it." I thought he was joking, asked again and he replied, as his eyes kept sweeping the area to see who was listening, "I'm serious, I was just informed that we are not allowed to discuss this, now let's talk about the P3 or Inspire."
So my curiousity piqued, I headed on down the road to The Copter Shop in Woodinville, asked the young man there about the Matrix. His reply; "Haven't heard a thing about it" I asked again, same reply. But both times he answered he was looking directly at the other employee, not at me. And I would expect a normal response to be something like "Haven't heard about it, what is it?" or at least he would ask his coworker he he'd heard about it.
Came home and googled it to find that all the previous information had been pulled.

Can't help but think it might be a publicity stunt of some sort on the eve of the 3DR Solo release.
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Not a publicity stunt, but not intended in any way for the consumer market. The one comment we got here out of Tahoe_Ed is that it's a test mule platform for SDK users aimed at the industrial market.
Care to speculate why all the information has been redacted and why the dealers are acting so shifty when questioned?
Wouldn't it be more prudent for the dealers to reply that it is not intended for the consumer market than to whisper "I'm serious, I've been instructed not to talk about this?"
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Hmmm...I was about to try and prove you wrong, so I was looking for retailers with it. Turns out, most of them pulled the product off. It seems that DJI sent an email to all dealers requesting them to remove the product from their stores.
Hmmm...I was about to try and prove you wrong, so I was looking for retailers with it. Turns out, most of them pulled the product off. It seems that DJI sent an email to all dealers requesting them to remove the product from their stores.

And even the posts in other forums have been redacted.

Silly. They should invest as much in their QC as they do in keeping this under the wraps.
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Heh funny, my 7th post in the other thread was actually quite right then...

Is that source "verified"? Anybody can send or say they've received something. I know a couple of dealers and nobody seems to have received anything. Or they have but are not allowed to release the info yet or even say they got any, in which case that post probably shouldn't be there/will get someone in trouble...

Just stop with the "sensational" postings of unreleased info. It just pisses everybody off both on the manufacturer side because they want it secret and on users' side because they don't get all the info they want with backing they can trust.

Once you get official info release it at the agreed time and refrain from trying to get it out a bit earlier to boost your exposure or profits through views/advertising. If you're not sure and hear it from someone else, ask the manufacturer if it's supposed to be released or not before posting anything. That's how you build a long term successful relationship.
If I was DJI I'd just revoke authorization/dealership of anybody who leaked info on the spot and put this forum's owners on a blacklist. Be glad they don't do that yet.

As a reference I've been working for about a decade on projects that rely on simultaneous release of info by all involved parties for maximum exposure and reliability. As tempting as it may be for personal gain/recognition even if I can because I'm one of the main providers of marketing material I would never ever release info before the agreed time and would consider that as a very serious breach of trust if I was on the other side. I even usually don't release material I have created as being mine until months after it has been officially released under the project's name.
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The forum owners have no control over what is posted here. And even if they vetted every post, you can't expect them to verify the veracity of the information submitted for posting.
The first post of that thread and original public leak of the info (and what other sellers used to create product pages) AFAIK was posted by the forum owner himself out of info he got from a "reliable source". Absolutely zero excuse.
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