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Inspire 1 RAW / X5R Firmware v01.08.01.20

Dji need to make that clear, as its in the Pro/raw download section.

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I'm so peed off with DJI, I need to fly my inspire 1 without the camera attached as I have a custom camera attached I use for HQ panoramic photos which I used a custom camera for, which piddles over anything DJI have.

DJI have limited the height and distance I can fly my drone to 30m and 50m. Even a £20 toy drone kids fly in the park beats this! I need about 100/100.

Those distances are WELL within LINE OF SIGHT and I don't need some moron patronizing me that is all I should be able to do with my years of flying and thousands spent when I could fly a drone indoors.

As it stands I cannot get to the altitude I need to get my shots. I can literally thrown an effing baseball higher than what you think my thousands of pounds worth of hardware can do!

I get my needs are not common and for the most part, I get the app and camera should be attached but I don't need to have my nuts cut off like this.

DJI need to be sued and taken down a peg or 10.

They sell you a Ferrari and take ownership over your hardware.

The rest of the world will never subscribe to your commie ways.
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