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I got a job shooting a construction site - Need advice!

Jun 7, 2014
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Copenhagen - Denmark
I got a job shooting a major construction site (29 floors high, cranes, atriums etc.) for internal use only (no storyline).
Apart from the obvious shots (overview, building activity, scale) anything I should pay extra attention too? Ideas for really cool shots?

Input so far:
  • shoot exterior elevator going up
  • pay attention to any rc controlled concrete booms (2,4 or 5,8 GHz)
  • calibrate compass in park next door - away from metal
Other ideas or input?
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Will you be shooting in an enclosed space, or will there be a cross breeze?
Look for the directional antennas (usually on the roofs) and dont fly in front of them. Check the direction of wind currents between the buildings. Good luck
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stay away from iron, i once flied a naza v2 in a very big advandoned building and the iron int he foundations near the sub parking area totally mess up the compass i had to manually control yaw to keep direction as the controller was unable to do it by itself.
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As with all jobs, plan the shots (in your head or drawings on paper) make a list of them, fly them, check them on site and re-fly if needed.

There's nothing worse than getting back to base only to find that all you have generated is a random set of poorly exposed, aimless & wobbly drone shots :)

I find it useful to capture a fair amount of ground based video to add to the edit to create a some variation and make the aerial footage look more impressive.

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