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How to update to X5 cam correctly?

Dec 14, 2015
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I have flown my I1 since february with X3 without issues. I am on the latest I1 (non-pro) fw v.

Now I bought the X5 and have a question about how to proper update it . I will continue to use both X3 and X5 cams on the I1 (non-pro).

Which fw should I install now?

I have seen so many users having their I1 fly very slow after updating to the I1-Pro fw (maybe because it flashes the ESC's to accommodate the slightly more powerful I1-Pro motors).

But is updating to I1 Pro fw the only - and correct - way to start using my X5 on the standard I1?

DJI firmware releases are generally a mess, and the X3 vs. X5 change has made them even worse.

You want to download from this page:

Zenmuse X5’s specifications, FAQ, video tutorials, and DJI GO | DJI

Right now, the current version is called "Inspire 1 Pro Firmware v1.2.0.50", and is available at http://dl.djicdn.com/downloads/inspire_1_pro/Inspire_1_Pro_Firmware_1210.zip.

And yes, you might have noticed that the label says version, and the link says version "1210". Welcome to DJI release engineering. And let's not even talk about the fact that DJI released two different firmware updates with the same version number...

At any rate, this download will update both your aircraft and your X5 to the latest firmware.
Thanks for the quick reply.

So no way to use the X5 without updating to I1 Pro fw? There's not a separate X5 fw?
I'm thinking about the issues reported that the I1 Pro fw is for the slightly larger motors and that the fw slows down the original I1?

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