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  1. D

    Using X5S and X7 in the same aircraft

    Good night all. I'm having issues using the X5s and the X7 on the Inspire 2. I always keep the AC + RC's on the latest official firmware version. Today i was using the x5s with the 14-42mm lens and a message popped on screen "Lens Disconnected", rebooted the aircraft and i was able to continue...
  2. howard rockliffe

    Can't update Inspire X5

    I've been going round in circles with this one. I've done regular updates over the past two years with the Inspire X3 and X5, but for some reason I can't update the I1 X5. It simply won't start updating on startup. Has anyone else experienced this?
  3. A

    X5 to X5R upgrade - rollback or update?

    Hi community, been using this forum for months and this is the first time I've had a question that hasn't already been answered (correct me if I'm wrong guys) I've just upgraded to the X5R from the X5, I have all the up to date firmware installed on the aircraft and FC. I was just wondering...
  4. A

    Firmware compilation

    Hi all, Not sure if you have noticed but each new x5 firmware changes the characteristics of the camera, Some are improvements some are not. I have been researching peoples opinions on each firmware and have found it hard going. So I would like to use this post for people to give the version...
  5. S

    How to update to X5 cam correctly?

    Hi, I have flown my I1 since february with X3 without issues. I am on the latest I1 (non-pro) fw v. Now I bought the X5 and have a question about how to proper update it . I will continue to use both X3 and X5 cams on the I1 (non-pro). Which fw should I install now? I have seen so...
  6. A

    zenmuse-x5s firmware updated v1.1.0.40 24th Novemeber 2015

    Zenmuse X5 Series - Downloads - Manuals, Software, Drivers download | DJI Major Updates: 1.Updated list of compatible lenses: Olympus 25mm/f1.8, 45mm/f1.8 and 14-42/f3.5-5.6. 2.Increased the output bit-width of the sensor from 10bit to 12bit for 4kP30/25/24, 2.7KP30/25/24 and 1080P30/25/24...
  7. J

    Inspire 1 with X5 which Firmware

    Just got my X5 camera and installed it on I1. Do I need to do firmware update? If so, which one? Before I installed X5 I had the firmware from Sept 7. I looked in the forum and only saw questions and answers regarding firmware for Inspire 1 Pro with X5. Apologies if this question...