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Hi from the southern Pacific

Aug 16, 2022
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Hi from the west coast of the South Island of New Zealand.

I have been a member of 'MavicDJI' in the past, taking something of a hiatus from the class for a couple of years, but still active and clocking up the minutes flying other UAVs.
Having taken way to long (Covid interruptions aplenty) to transition to a professional operator post retirement from my "day job", I decided to take the plunge early in the year and migrate to the bigger stuff in preparation for that retirement.

A couple of weeks ago I finally took delivery of an M30T.

Sadly, we are in the middle of a very wet winter here, so opportunities to get plenty of stick training time haven't been that plentiful in this short period of time. I'm am looking forward to testing out the M30's IP54/IP55 rating, but just feel that a little more than 12 minutes flying, in ideal conditions, hasn't been quite long enough yet to get the feel of the aircraft, before venturing in the air, in wetter conditions.

I'm expecting to turn fully professional in January 2023; planning to get a good 25 hours training into the log book with the M30T by then.
I have an Autel EVOII Pro and Yuneec H520 as part of my current "squadron" lineup, plus a Chasing M2 ROV; all of which have kept me busy and off the streets over the last couple of years.

To all other Matrice Pilots - happy and safe flying; wherever that might be. 😀😎
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