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DronePan has gaps in the panorama

Dec 14, 2015
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I have tried using DronePan but I end up with gaps and not very good stitching using PTGui. I have tried yaw gimbal and yaw aircraft mode but it doesn't make much difference.

Are there any custom lens settings I should be aware of to get seamless perfect stitching?

it is a well know bug, they are working hard to fix it. until then, I recommend to take at least two panoramas, if you are doing something for a client. you also can check out FB DronePan community - lot of info there too.
Thanks for the feedback - I actually dont do FB...!

Whsn you say take 2 panos, what do you mean by that?
I just mean to do more panorama(s), in a case Drone Pan miss a shot in one of them.
OK got it. Did you notice that when you use Aircraft Yaw, its takes sky shots which then cause an issue in PTGui as it cannot find corresponding match points between two sky images.
So when you say do more than one pano, I guess the method would be to rotate the aircraft slighly after the first image set in order to avoid those nasty gaps?
yeah, that's what I do. but it still doesn't guarantee that you won't any gaps. it's a glitch and we just need to wait to be fixed (which hopefully will be soon)
It's a good idea to make 2 or 3 runs with Dronepan. Have had no problems with missing areas on calm wind days. Also changing the image size from 16.9 to Letterbox works for me.
Just DIY the pano photos, complete a full 360 at the angle you want snapping photos with a ~25% overlap. It's leaving gaps probably because it was designed to work with the x3 camera which has a wider FOV.
If you tap Angle in the DronePan app, you can select a higher image count and that solves the gaps/overlap issues.

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