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matrice 30

  1. Z

    Disappointing Matrice 30T quality as well as support

    On 7 September 2023, I bought a new and sealed Matrice 30T combo from DJI authorised representative in Greece (serial number ending in 28V2) I activated and started using the drone, only on the ground, without ever being flown, in order to become familiar with its features and camera and in...
  2. J

    DJI Matrice 30 Avionics error 0x1610009F

    Hi, all! I,ve bought Matrice 30 2 weeks ago. First launch was successful, he was flying for 1.5 hours. Few days later I've received avionics error 0x1610009F. Restart, IMU calibration, assistant calibration, Firmware reinstall don't help. No mechanical damage was received by drone. Does anybody...