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zenmuse x5

  1. L

    Cant lock SD card in my Zenmuse X5 :(

    The SD card wont stay down in my X5 cam... any sugestions to it ??
  2. H

    X5 Gimbal Disconnected mid flight

    Hi, we use and inspire 1 pro at work and whilst out with it the other day the gimbal kept 'disconnecting' mid-flight, the inverted commas are because we still got a view through to both me (the pilot) and the camera operator and he could also still control the direction of the camera with the...
  3. A

    Crack in Zenmuse x5 Pan Motor Cover

    I noticed that I have a hair line crack in my X5 Pan Motor Cover. It works fine but I want to replace it. I have a ticket into DJI and have not heard anything back yet. Does anyone know where I can but this part? See photos. Thanks! Bert P
  4. P

    Why can't I get smooth footage from the X5

    My video is choppy no matter what setting. 24fps, 25fps, 50 fps, in 4k, and 1080 with various shutter speeds. I followed the 180 rule but still no luck. I have been trying out almost all the suggestions on this forum but no luck. I do not know what I am doing wrong, however when I play my...
  5. I

    Washed out video using Zemuse X5 and 14-42mm lens

    I have just upgraded my Inspire 1 with a Zenmuse X5 and an Olympus 14-42mm lens. The still photos are fine but the MP4 video is washed out of colour and lack of contrast. What settings should I be using to improve the output?
  6. david cox

    New Zenmuse 512GB SSD Card and 15mm Lens for sale

    Hi All You X5R and X5 Owners, Have a brand new 512GB SSD Card and brand new DJI15mm Lens for sale. Surplus to requirements. They are on eBay, but happy to discount further to Members. Card: £599 inc VAT Lens: £449 inc VAT You can contact me via my company, Superduck Ltd. Email...
  7. E

    Oversaturated Red Colors on Zenmuse x5

    Anyone experience oversaturated reds on Zenmuse x5? When I shoot the red color is oversaturated and way to vibrant. Any ideas on setting to use in camera to avoid this? https://goo.gl/photos/26e5MUjW8hf3vnXT6
  8. F

    Zenmuse X5 Gimbal Noise w/ Panasonic 15mm

    Hello fellow pilots, New DJI inspire 1 pro pilot here. I hope some of you can help me with this question I am facing... I started using the Panasonic Leica 15mm F/1.7 lens with my inspire 1 pro. At first, I didn't know I need to put a balancing ring to go with it, so the gimbal vibrated like...
  9. A

    Upgrading to X5 from Inspire V1

    I've seen some posts about upgrading to the X5 with mixed results but they're all quite old. I'm wondering what people's experience or recommendations are for upgrading from and Inspire V1 to the X5. I'm not the most familiar with the forums so forgive me if this is a lame question. I undertand...
  10. RuneWold

    Olympus 12 mm got a "spot" when filming against the sun/light

    Hi I noticed this on a shoot before but then I did not use the material where the spot was and I assumed it might be dust or something. But during a flight a few days ago I saw the spot again. Im using a X5 with this lens. I have never after 17 years of photographing and film making ever...
  11. S

    X5 and Litchi

    I have been flying my Inspire 1 Pro Since January, and have recently been learning the Litchi app, which seems very well suited to my work. I have been watching the Licthi pilot training video on UDEMY ( if any of you are familiar with that). I assume that the settings for contrast, sharpness...
  12. MacDyver

    Seeking X5 Gimbal repair not replacement!

    So while filming n.o.e. at high speed to give the illusion of a vehicle moving quickly I clipped a palm tree, yes pilot error. Afterward the gimbal would only shake like an alcoholic with epilepsy, no outward signs of damage but I could now feel friction in gimbal rotation, Scorpion Drones in...
  13. dopeytree

    Autumn colour with the 15mm

    Flying over my local woodland for some autumn colour. DJI Inspire Pro with X5 & 15mm Lens Shot in 4k 24p 50 shutter f8 aperture Iso 100 Edited in Final Cut X & 1.75 sharpening added. Little exposure correction. Music: Autumn Sunset by Audionautix (youtube free audio) Personally starting to...
  14. dopeytree

    Maize harvest + unstable hover

    I met some funny farmers this afternoon & managed a few shots before the batteries died. Not a fan of these shorter flying times but the footage is looking better than the phantom that's for sure. Mixture of Auto & Aperture & fully Manual. 4k 24 fps. Normal colour mode. Little bit of colour...
  15. AerialMediaPros

    New Features & RAW X5, X3, GH4 Footage Side-by-Side - Inspire 1 Pro

    AerialMediaPros posted a new video with all the new info about the Inspire 1 Pro and Zenmuse X5, in including side by side comparisons of raw X5, X3, Pansonic GH4 footage. What do you think about the performance of the X5 after seeing footage side by side?
  16. dronie

    How to mount the X5 to Inspire 1 - Video

    DJI launched this instruction video of how to mount the X5 to the Inspire 1. Looks like it will take a few more steps to mount the camera before every flight:
  17. Scotflieger

    Zenmuse X5/X5R - Compatiable Lens

    The release announcement for the Zenmuse X5/X5R lists 3 compatible Micro Four-Thirds (MFT) lens: DJI MFT 15 mm f1.7 ASPH Prime Lens (35mm equiv 30mm) FOV 72 deg (£499) Olympus Micro Zuiko Digital ED 12mm f2.0 lens (equiv 24mm) FOV 84 deg (£549) Panasonic Lumix 15mm G Leica DG Summilux f1.7 ASPH...