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  1. atmosphericarts

    First Night Shoot and Client Isn't Happy With Footage

    I've been working with a local pro-sports team to document the construction of their new stadium, and I recently just did a shoot of the building about an hour after sunset. While this was my first commercial night flight ever (I do have the waiver!), I consider myself pretty knowledgeable about...
  2. AeroDroneImagery

    X5S with Olympus 14-42mm II - Issues?

    I recently outfitted my I2 with the X5S and am using the Olympus series lenses. Been having the following issues... Using the 17mm fixed Olympus (DJI listed compatible) lens, the X5S gimble motors would sound like they were still working after initialization for about 3-5 seconds, then stop...
  3. P

    X5S Low Light Performance

    Hello everyone, I own a Inspire 2 with an X5S, without licenses for now, I am doing Cinematography but lacking of time, I got not much educated on the X5S Camera Settings and I need your help, Few days ago, I got my first night flight got some decent ISO I believe but don't really know if the...
  4. A

    Maximum Frames Per Second for X5S

    Does the X5S offer 120 frames per second for 1920x1080? Also unsure if the FPS recording capabilities are the same as when using it on the Osmo.
  5. nandoarr

    Black Spot (dust) on Sensor - Behind the IR glass

    Hello Inspire friends, how you guys doing? I have some spots on the sensor, and it can't be clean by the outside, already cleaned it with the right tools, but the spots ares still there and i realized that they are behind the IR glass that compose and protects the sensor of the X5S. has anyone...
  6. Mark Titcombe

    X5S Video settings

    Can anyone recommend some settings to get the best looking video footage from the X5S? I dont have the licences so I will be using H264 or H265. Thanks in advance. Mark
  7. C

    DJI Inspire 2 - X5s - Laowa 7.5mm vs DJI 15mm f1.7 vs Olympus 45mm f1.8 - LENS COMPARISON

    Hi guys, Ive made the second (usefull) comparison video. In video are tested X5S lenses ➡️ DJI 15mm f1.7 vs ➡️ Olympus M. Zuiko 45mm f1.8 and ➡️ and Laowa 7.5mm f2.0 SIDE BY SIDE. What you think about this test? :) Version without color is in description. Thank you very much
  8. N

    X5s ugly grid lens flare when shooting into sun

    When shooting my x5s into the sun I have been noticing this unacceptable grid in my shots that makes them unusable. My settings have been shooting 25mm lens (happens with all lenses), raw, rec709, 5.2k and 4k. Has anyone encountered this problem or is it just my camera sensor and I should reach...
  9. L

    Weird Sound

    My new x5s makes a weird sound when tilting and panning. No vibration, just a high-pitched whining sound. Seems to be coming from the gimbal. I have updated the firmware. Is this normal?
  10. C

    Mapping with Inspire 2 RAW + X5S + CineSSD

    Hi! I work doing aerial mapping of agriculture fields and I would like to have opinions/feedback/experience on flying with the Inspire 2 with this purpose. We have been using custom made drones for a while, with high-quality cameras (Sony a6000 and the like), but decided to move to comercial...
  11. J

    About to buy a Matrice 210 for surveying.

    Hello I am about to buy a Matrice 210 + X5S camera, and I am planning to use it for Surveying. I have already bought a GNSS system to perform Ground Control Points. Is the Matrice 210 adequate for the job? Does anyone have any experience using Matrice 210 for surveying?
  12. Roconnor

    Question on Advanced Settings for X5S

    After reading the manual I cannot find any explanation of advanced settings for +EXP, Smoothness, Pitch/Yaw speeds etc. Is there an article on this? I spent about an hour looking for this info and cant find it. I'm also looking for recommended gimbal settings for speeds to give a "cinema like"...
  13. D

    Using X5S and X7 in the same aircraft

    Good night all. I'm having issues using the X5s and the X7 on the Inspire 2. I always keep the AC + RC's on the latest official firmware version. Today i was using the x5s with the 14-42mm lens and a message popped on screen "Lens Disconnected", rebooted the aircraft and i was able to continue...
  14. C

    DJI Inspire 2 - X5s - 15mm f1.7 vs 45mm f1.8 - LENS COMPARISON

    Hi guys, Ive made the first (usefull) comparison video. In video is tested standard X5S lens DJI 15mm f1.7 vs Olympus M. Zuiko 45mm f1.8 side by side. We didnt catch the good light in the shoting day, I know .. Please, this is my first technical test. I'll plan a test with my new lens LAOWA...
  15. C

    X5S ND filters weight

    Hello, Do you have any experience with HOYA 52mm ND filters on X5S camera on 15mm and 45mm lens? Will not it be too heavy? I thinking about buy HOYA 52mm and buy step up rings for 46mm and 37mm.. For now I have deafult 15mm lens and 45mm olympus. For this, I think it will be good Polar pro...
  16. RYU

    X5S and 7.5mm Big Problem

    Hi everyone. My name is RYU and I'm e-mailing from JAPAN. I'm using Inspire2 and X5S. I bought LAOWA 7.5mm. My X5S has licence which ProRes and RAW. The problem is I cannot shoot RAW when using X5S with 7.5mm. SSD is formatted safely, and using the latest firmware. Other lenses(DJI recommend)...
  17. AeroMirage

    X5S vastly improved over the X5

    This started as a 30.2MB RAW still. I had to radically compress and resample it and then convert it to a jpeg to make it post-able. This version is 4.6MB and still loaded with detail. The X5 was no slouch either, but I think the difference is noticeable. I also like the new mount. I think it...
  18. W

    Flat RAW / DNG files from X5S (still photography)

    Hi everyone, I have read the thread below from "Pandion" but have a slightly different issue with the DNG files. I appreciate that we are talking RAW / DNG files, but when converting with either Adobe PS cc or Lightroom, the unedited RAW is very flat with no saturation or depth. I am a...
  19. K

    Flower Lens Hood for X5/X5S Compatible Lenses

    Has anyone made use of flower shaped lens hoods on any of the compatible lenses? I'm specifically chasing one for the stock DJI 15mm lens to combat unwanted lens flare. I've ordered a 46mm thread flower lens off eBay but it will take a while to get here, so I thought I'd see if anyone had...
  20. ASAPdrones

    Best Still photo settings for X5S?

    I hoping you can help me figure out what the best settings for some still photography with my x5s with the standard lens. Tomorrow I am going to try to take some high resolution shots of my friends white sports car holding the I2. I live in Arizona so there is a 100% chance of it being very...