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  1. I

    Is GPS from Inspire 2 enough?

    Hi is the GPS data from Inspire 2 enough when you do an inventory of forrest?
  2. SilkyMilky

    M600 Defaulting to ATTI Mode During Flight

    Hello, We've been having a recurring issue with our M600 where it will default itself back into ATTI mode shortly after take off on each flight. This is an issue because we're attempting to do mapping work using Ground Station Pro, and when it snaps into ATTI mode it will abandon its mission...
  3. Airscope

    Matrice 600 taking long time to maintain GPS flight mode

    Has anyone had any problems with their Matrice 600 maintaining GPS flight after initial takeoff? I use about 20% to 30% of battery power before GPS flight mode is obtained and stable. I've done IMU and compass calibrations before flights and also flown in metropolitan and remote desert areas...
  4. J

    X5 and Geotag issue... Fixed yet?

    This is a follow-up question to this thread from 6 weeks ago... Inspire Pro with X5 no geotagging in images Did DJI ever fix the issue with altitude differences as noted in this quote??? I'm on the fence whether to upgrade my drone with an X5... :oops: I'm looking around at unresolved issues...