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Recent content by dougcjohn

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    XT2 RGB Focus - extremely blurred

    I'm following you, thanks for clarification. I too made attempt to change the Pilot app on the CS. That too is problematic. Waiting on DJI to repair so I can continue the examination.
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    XT2 RGB Focus - extremely blurred

    Great to hear, that indicates a problem. The 13mm was reference to IR lens. The focus of the RGB is clear 5-12ft or so... and blurs increasingly with distance. Wasn't aware RGB was fixed focal, that definitely indicates a problem then with this unit. I've created a Service Ticket and sent it...
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    XT2 RGB Focus - extremely blurred

    Purchased a Used package this Winter that included a barely used XT2 640 13mm. Recently examining the camera operation… and the RGB is way out of focus. I don’t see a focus adjustment. The focus appears pretty sharp 10 ft away, then quickly blurs beyond usability… a car license in driveway on...
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    Advice please : Flight Planning Software for M210 RTK with Zenmuse X7 ( 35mm lens )

    MapsMadeEasy Pro is their new App dropping Business App and moving to a subscription based product for Processing. If you use MME for processing, the Pro level has much more value & features. The one feature I don't like is that 3D Modeling still requires purchasing credit points... personally...
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    Advice please : Flight Planning Software for M210 RTK with Zenmuse X7 ( 35mm lens )

    I had thought Ground Station Pro supported the X7, but I see it’s not listed. MapsMadeEasy new Pro version supports the X7. https://www.mapsmadeeasy.com/map_pilot/ FlightPlan supports all DJI Platforms. Software looks simplistic at top level view, but it has many features. Used in Ag sensors...
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    M600 to M600Pro - more than A3 Upgrade

    Quick Tip for M600Pro Owners Removing the M600Pro Top Cover: To easily remove the M600Pro top without needing to unplug various cables & GPS CAM connectors. On the Top, from Ft & under the Front GPS mount... Count over 4 Tabs from Right, a quick Dremel cut removing the 5th little plastic tab...
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    M600 to M600Pro - more than A3 Upgrade

    In Brief, When you hear someone has converted a M600 to a M600Pro... think again! Adding a M600Pro Top and A3Pro Upgrade is just an A3Pro Upgrade. I see many selling an M600 A3Pro Upgrade at the M600Pro price, when it should be about $1000 less. To fit & fold arms compactly to fit into a GPC...
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    M600 to M600Pro - more than A3 Upgrade

    Antenna Mount. Modifying the M600Pro Motor Arms. M600 antenna is on end of Landing leg near skid. The M600Pro is located on the 2 Side Motor Arms. You'll need to carefully drill & grind an "Oval" hole to fit the Antenna Bracket "cup". This is relatively easy, just take time and pencil in your...
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    M600 to M600Pro - more than A3 Upgrade

    Update June 2021... Finally had a nice Saturday free to sit outside and disassemble the M600 and finishing converting to M600Pro. Well, for those interested... 1 more step. After swapping all the parts listed above, I noticed it would not fold as "compact" as the M600Pro to fit in DJI Box or...
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    Looking for M600Pro Fan cable for top cover fan

    Looking for a source for the M600Pro Top cover Fan Cable. Cable has on one end a Fan small connector and other end: A3 SBus & F1 connectors. I purchased a M600 that had a partial convert to M600Pro. Had Top Cover, but lacked Fan cable.
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    Source for DJI screws - Flat head w Allen socket

    Anyone know of a good source for various DJI Flat head screws: OEM or 3rd Party. They use multiple specialty sized and different diameter heads in same screw size. Most are using an Allen Head socket, 2mm, 2.5mm, 3mm Allen. I’ve found close in sizes on flat heads in 3rd Party, but they’re...
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    Recommendations for a drone to fit a Mirrorless camera

    @Paul Ross Jones You're on track... the newer platforms: carbon over/under Octal motors on Quad, or a nice Quad with hefty payload are all going to easily exceed the new price of M600 or the M600Pro, not including the deals available in used sales. The M600Pro breaks down a bit more than the...
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    DJI RTk 2 and the Matrice 600

    They do appear at times... both NOS and Good Condition Used. I recently purchased complete M600Pro D-RTK kit NOS. I've seen a few sets on eBay and I believe there were 1 or 2 attempting to sell on the site. Patience, they should show up. Good Luck!
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    Camera compatible with Matrice 600

    What do you mean… compatible? A DJI model, a DSLR & Gimbal? Or a 2nd FPV forward camera? The M600Pro has optional Gimbal Camera mounts… the X5 Mount and the Z30 Mount. The X5 allows the older X3, Z3, X5, X5R & XT Thermal and the Z30 allows the Z30, XT2 & X4S to mount. If you’re looking for a...
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    It fits!!

    Hey Donnie, Let's try to drive the smallest car and fly the biggest bird eh! When fully loaded, those aren't fun to maneuver around either... very awkward and bit heavy. Congrats on the fit! Ok, can ya fit a 2nd M600P case behind it for field backup spare... and Crew? I get the visual of...