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Slightly baffled

Dec 6, 2015
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Scottish Borders
I'm doing mapping using an Inspire Pro. I've flown it over woodlands manually taking vertical photos, then stitched them together to create one panoramic image which I've used in my GIS to create a map of the woodland.
However, the map I create isn't ortho rectified.
So I've tried Pix4d, and maps made easy to try to get decent results. I do like the maps made easy 'map pilot' mission app, but I can't figure out a way to programme the overlap differently to their default settimg, which I think may do the trick.

It seems that these packages are pretty good for all types of maps except woodland. Trouble is woodland is my speciality.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to how to get good reliable results?



Trees are very difficult to orthorectify (as you probably know). You may try DroneDeploy or one of the other online services to leverage their processing power to hopefully get better accuracy. I've been fairly happy with the results, but they expose some of the limitations of the Inspire's GPS (RTK would be a better tool).

Regardless, to your specific question, there is a slider on the left side of the screen that controls the altitude of the flight (see below photo). Flying at a higher altitude may help with the orthographic.

IMG_1368 by Talon Six, on Flickr
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Thanks for the reply, talon six.

Yes, I've altered the height to the maximum for all flights so far. Just yesterday I changed the overlap seeing to ultra (90%). I haven't flown it since, but I'll see how it goes and let you know.

I'm working on identical crops to what you posted in your image. Did that example work out alright?


I didn't actually fly that. I simply pulled it up to show you how to adjust the altitude. Here's one that I did do:

DroneDeploy - Put your drone to work!

You can see where the power line photos didn't orthorectify properly. Looking at the report, it seems that I was not getting good GPS accuracy for several of the photos, hence why I say that an RTK GPS is the better tool for the job.
You need to look for software packages that allow you to manually change the stitching and create the angles for orthos - online systems such as DroneDeploy wont let you - you need the high end software from the likes of Simactive and the OneButton to allow you to create custom otho processing and stitching
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