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RS2 for Matrice 600 pro gimbal

Hey Paul, how's this coming? I'm well underway with my own, just going through all the Entire/Canon wifi setup now. I have an R5C, but so far, it's working, using the Photo menu (fingers crossed the settings carry over to the Video menu. Had a Q- are you powering your RS2 via the CAN cable, or do you have a separate setup? My plan was to use a 50Wh VMount with USB and DTap outs (the R5C likes DTap power, and the SmallRig RS2 adapter plate has a Lemo 2 pin to DTap).
hi, im using the tilta rs2 bits, and the fxlion battery to power the rs2, and maybe the r5 as well (I plan on getting the r5c, but with the latest r5 firmware im holding onto the r5 for video for the moment).

Battery Plate to DJI Ronin Power Pass-through Plate Kit

https://tilta.com/shop/power-supply-base-plate-for-dji-ronin/) and the tilta

I had the tilt/roll/pan working well, then I tried to get an rc channel to trigger the shutter but ended up stuffing up something and couldn't get the axis's working right, they kept moving-floating off axis. so I took the drone into my local shop but they couldn't workout how to make it trigger- but apparently got the axis's working right again. I haven't tried since. maybe this welk I will give a go.
but another problem is, I got a fpv camera installed, however I cant make the av channel and the HDMI from the R5 to show somehow separately, even though theres top connections I need to go into the dji app and either choose the HDMI output or the AV output, but no way of showing both. I read somewhere earlier m600 software allowed two channels of video- so you could run the fpv cam through a separate monitor...I wonder if buying another fpv with a separate transmitter/googles would be better.
Honestly though, I feel the rs3 and the dji transmission could be the way to go. they aren't selling, but the dealer has one to rent, so I might try this soon.

please keep me up to date with your setup!

Good grief, the runarounds on this. One would think that a manufacturer, who makes drones, gimbals, wireless viewing and controlling systems, etc. would see the value in getting each piece to get along with the other. Like, why can't we just connect a RavenEye to the Lightbridge 2 controller, and have the control over the different parts (gimbal, camera settings, focus, and tracking), along with the range LB2 provides? It seems a small hurdle to clear for a company, that would extend its market dominance over the competition. As it is, Sony is the only fully integrated solution, where one can fly, adjust, trigger, and monitor (incl playback) at distance. But they're quite a bit pricier, and you're locked into the Sony Alpha cameras.

Anyway, an update on where I've gotten -

-keep in mind I'm trying to get a setup that will be able to shoot high resolution, high quality stills, even in burst mode, AND be able to shoot high quality video. -

On the stills front, when I played with the Entire Commander Combo, I found the Canon R5 to be the best solution between it, the R5C, and a Sony A7RIV (or A1, for that matter), because:
- Canons work best via the CCAPI (wireless), which gives the broadest and best control over the camera using the Entire and the Link, including Burst Mode, full ISO, aperture, and shutter control. But the R5C doesn't have support for their CCAPI... YET (fingers crossed it comes), so with that you're reliant on the SDK, which is completely buggy and I would 't rely on for anything.
- The Sonys work best using the SDK, but need the IR trigger (a physical diode that connects along a bendable wire to the Entire) to work. So one would need to tape that to the rounded handgrip for it to work, which doesn't feel like a modern, professional solution. It also is buggy, with lags (albeit somewhat predictable) in triggering, and without as many customizable/usable menu options. ISO, aperture, and shutter seemed to work OK.

For Video, when triggering the Canons, the camera kicked into a Program or Auto mode, where ISO/Av/Tv weren't adjustable, and I wouldn't be surprised if it was an 8 bit, or at the very least, Long GOP-only file. Didn't get so far testing this. The Sony did something similar, but didn't seem as hobbled. I could be wrong, as I said, I didn't test this so much.

I'm conflicted with the integration the Sony offers and the flexibility and slightly longer flight times of the Matrice. If I could get the controls the Ronin App gives (camera control and tracking), by connecting a RS2 with the Lightbridge 2 controller, along with the transmission range, and 2nd Op monitoring and capability a second (ideally Matrice) remote gives with the MX, I'd be happy to stay with the M600P. I know a Gremsy could be an option as well, but as @Paul Ross Jones says, it'd be great to stick with what I already own.

Going to try connecting the RS2, DJI Focus Wheel (for CAN/SBUS connection), and R5C together to hopefully get basic ISO/Av/Tv controls through a Matrice remote with the Expansion Kit. Will update when I have something.

P.S. - the range of the Entire Commander V3 and Link is pretty far - I was firing bursts from about 200 yards away, with a few tree branches in between. I also tested a CamRanger2, using both the 2.4 and 5.8 frequencies. If you've not tried it, I highly recommend it for ground work where client review is needed. The app is also full featured, with timelapse, burst, and advanced bracketing options, in addition to the other normal controls AND IMAGE REVIEW. The range on this wasn't as far as the Entire, though, for review (~150-200' for a slow working speed) or triggering (~350-600' before performance slowed or stopped). Still, if I was working on a low altitude, low distance shoot, like shooting a building for an architect, this would absolutely be my choice. Add to that the (listed) fact that it can connect to other networks, meaning you could set up a powerful router, alone or with a mesh network, even raise them on stands, and ought to be able to see far-reaching control. Am hoping to test this out, too. Video recording, with the R5C, still went to the Auto/Program mode, and review with that would be even slower, likely unusable unless it was landed or within 100'.

Last note, if anyone's wondering, you can output an HDMI signal and utilize the USB-C port on the R5C. Had doubted this was possible, but was pleased to find it was.
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One more note on the CamRanger2 - it has an ethernet out. Google searches on if the LB2 controller can be connected via ethernet come up blank, so if anyone happens to know, I'm all ears.
I got a fpv camera installed, however I cant make the av channel and the HDMI from the R5 to show somehow separately
I'm using Crystal Sky as main monitor and another HD monitor as second one. There is option in dji go to set AV or HD to be output trough the HDMI only of the remote controller. This is how I can watch both feeds at the same time. But it is too bulky solution as the remote becomes very heavy with 2 monitors and their batteries. So I use this setup very rare, in most cases I use only the CS and manually switching the feed as you do too.

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