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USA Insurance question

Feb 19, 2015
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I have a client for a drilling company that requested that the Company be listed on my Insurance as a "listed Insured"... anyone ever get this request for their Liability Insurance?
All the time its SOP. Anytime you are a subcontractor expect to provide certificates of insurance with them listed as additionally insured. Insurance should be able to get this done same day or 24hrs. It costs nothing, I just email over my information and I get a copy to send back to my contractor/client.
Yes, it didn't cost anything. I suppose it's because I'm going to be working with them over the next few months, and not just a one shoot deal. Thanks for the response.
It's alaways free:). I do a lot of one day deals with different production companies, you insurance should be happy to provide them and they should always be free. Oil drilling sounds like good recurring business for you, I have been trying to get into some type of inspection service but have not found one besides surveying. Good luck and be safe.
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Seems to be.. I live in oil country, even though oil is at a 7 year low, I guess they are looking for more efficient ways of documenting well sites and drilling/fracking operations. I have another project to shoot 78 miles of pipeline... I'm going to have to step up my game, this is going to take a lot of planning!
Where are you guys getting/finding insurance? Is it liability only and what is the cost?

As the other members have mentioned, adding a client as an additional insured should cost you nothing. It is a very common practice in aviation insurance (and, I would assume in other types of insurance as well).

I am an aviation specific insurance broker. I work with all of the reputable aviation insurance companies out there (there are about 12 of them). Currently, 3 of them are offering coverage for commercial UAV operations. If you are interested in a quote, or just more information, please contact me at the below email address.

[email protected]


Joe Ernster
We operate a fleet of UAVs, adding the client as an additional insured is common practice and we would not fly without. Never any additional cost unless the client requests higher limits than we carry. We use Tammy over at Highlands Aviation Insurance, www.highlandinsagcy.com , very responsive and specializes in UAV's, she insures many folks on this forum, very good resource if you operate more than 1 UAV in your business...........
I'm new to the industry and have been using "on demand" 15 minutes at a time coverage which is convenient and simple but its just one more step with the client that I would rather avoid and have a blanket policy. I am hoping rates come down as more providers get into the market and ideally, my 107 would provide me a discount. The rates I have heard and read about seem higher than I would have expected. I'd like a 1M liability policy but not sure where I can buy one I can afford.
Has anyone looked at Verifly? It's an android and apple app that gives you 1,000,000 in insurance around a 1/4 mile radius for 1 hour. I downloaded the App, haven't used it yet. Most places is $10 an hr and you can mail proof of insurance to whoever you want.
Verifly – On-demand Drone Insurance

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