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Hull insurance for $15K M30T

So I've been doing insurance research now that I want to start working with my M30T. Here is an old thread that talks about the different company options at the time.

- SkyWatch is $2,225/yr ($1,000,000 Liability / $1560 Hull)
- PPA (Professional Photographers of America) $428/yr ($1,000,000 Liability / $15,000 Hull)
- AirModo $575/yr ($1,000,000 Liability / Assumed $15,000 Hull)

With PPA, the yearly policy includes a year of their membership benefits.

Being that my drone is brand new and under DJI Care, I don't feel I need the Hull coverage but, I don't think companies offer liability only. Also, I'm not sure why SkyWatch is 4 times the price of the others but for an individual pilot like myself, that is not an option. I'd really like to pay per flight (avg (-$10 per hour) as I won't be flying a lot while ramping up the contacts and work but, it seems most companies want proof of insurance so a yearly policy is easier just to have and provide.

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