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Brand New M30T Crash

Aug 24, 2015
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Cream Ridge NJ
We took delivery of a new M30T for our business, first one in the fleet of 300's. Delivered and commissioned on 10/19, registered and fully activated. Took three flights, small "getting to know you" flights for our first M30T. The third flight on October 29th, hovering stable at 70 feet 36 feet from the controller, we were flying two controllers going through camera options. I had FPV and control of the drone, partner had camera. All of a sudden I noticed a frozen prop in in my view and nearly immediately my camera pilot said the drone is out of control. We looked up to find the drone executing an emergency landing with one prop not operating. Within seconds the drone crashed into the ground destroying itself.

I guess the purpose of this post is to let everyone know the "emergency landing" mode sucks. DJI advertises that this drone can land on three motors, what they don't say is that it won't land in one piece. The drone was immediately registered for the 15 day immediate replacement, a 2 day label was received and the drone shipped back immediately. It was received three days ago and the status is still being listed as being reviewed. Our expectation from their service portal is that we would get our replacement within three days of receipt. There is nothing to evaluate, they have all the pieces and batteries which were also damaged. Overall we are generally impressed with DJI products and have flown many DJI drones and have used their service in the past. This time I am not impressed with the drone, it's advertised ability to land safely with three motors, and the 15 day replacement program. If you think the emergency landing mode is going to help you recover from a flight failure, think again, it won't. It comes down like it's having an epileptic fit!
Update, I ended up calling DJI today and complained about the lack of response. I guess I am just pissed that we spent $17K and are being treated like we bought a Mavic Air. As promised and requested, DJI sent our replacement out next day air today. I shouldn't have to get on their case and waste my time trying to get them to do the right thing.
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thanks for the info - i just purchased the same drone. When i unboxed mine i notices a few of the prop screws were loose. Nothing terrible but i could
give them another full turn tightening them up.

Was there any discussion of why the drone crashed?

I've had it out for a couple of check out flights so far, no issues like that But i will def keep an eye out.
Sorry to hear. I was just watching a video with a 300 "landing" on three props...
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I received my replacement under the 15 day replacement plan. Came next day air, looks to be brand new. Went through the painstaking process of activating and replacing the old drone's serial number for the new drone on the DJI Care Enterprise Refresh. Everything seems to be in good order, will start flying it tomorrow. They wouldn't, or couldn't tell me what happened to the other drone, that makes me nervous. For the first time in a long time I am anxious about flying this drone. I suggest that everyone that get's one of these fly the crap out of it within the first 15 days of receipt. If something is defective it's going to fail sooner than later, I hope. Well back in the air tomorrow for this new one with my finger's crossed. They couldn't ship the batteries next day air, they are coming ground on Thursday. Nobody on this forum as far as I can tell has had this problem which gives me some hope that it was simply a defective motor, which can happen and apparently not that often with DJI.
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