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Advice for mapping with H20?

Jun 23, 2021
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My organization is likely going to be purchasing an M300 in the near future. 90% of what we do is pretty basic orthomosaic creation, with a little bit of 3D mapping. We've been using a P4, so I'm excited for the upgrade.

A lot of our mapping will be using a Micasense RedEdge-MX, but we will need a finer resolution for some mapping solutions. We will probably end up getting the P1 at some point (and the L1 - super excited about that one), but it looks like we are limited to the H20 for the time being.

I'm seeing that mapping with the 12 MP wide lens isn't too difficult, but is there any way to utilize the 20 MP zoom lens? I understand that the zoom aspect of it isn't really conducive to accurate mapping, but can you set the zoom level so it's constant to take advantage of the 20 MP camera?

Anyone mapping with the H20 successfully?
We have done some mapping with it but since the RTK data does not transfer to the H20 and H20T it is really not the best. DJI officially says it is not intended for mapping. Where are you based out of? We will be doing some hands-on work/training with the L1 and P1 next week in South Florida and would be happy to share data or provide you with some data sets.

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